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Credit worthiness plays a key role in attaining anything of value in our country. To those of us who are successful in navigating the gauntlet associated with the credit system goes the reward of a high credit score. To those us who are not capable of such success comes the ladder. has created an alternative.Our company was designed with you in mind. We understand that not everyone has an excellent credit score. If you have poor credit or no credit, our unique guarantor network provides you with the means to connect with someone who has excellent credit. With the use of our Guarantor Network we can get you approved in as little as 24hrs!The best part is that our onetime fee is only required when you get approved!


Do you have good credit? Do you need some extra cash. Apply to be apart of our Guarantor Network Today!


Step 1

Apply for an apartment or home lease


Step 2

Start your application online or Fax or email contact information, co-signer application, and property contact information to:

FAX: 866-580-6868 or EMAIL:


Step 3

We select one of our available co-signers who meets the required criteria for your approval, then they apply on your behalf.


Step 4

Once approved, the fee is due based on lease amount


Step 5

Once your payment is received , your co-signer will sign the lease with you.

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Are your fees ONE-TIME fees or reoccurring?

What states do you provide services in?

We can provide co-signers for people in all 50 states.
Do you have a list of properties that you work with?

NO. We work directly with people NOT with properties, properties refer our services to their potential tenants but we do not exclusively work with any in particular
How does this work?

First, you have to have already applied to a property and been conditionally approved, the condition being that you provide a co­-signer. At that point our service facilitates connecting you with one of our qualified co-signers. Once approved with one of our co-signers, that is when the one-time fee is due.


When is the Fee Due?

Our One-Time fee is due the day that the property approves you with our co-signer. Once the fee is paid the lease will be executed. We do not have any upfront fees. Fees are due after you are approved with our co-signer. This will occur before your lease is executed.
Does your company co-sign as a business?

No, There is no such way to co-sign as a business, we are a network that connects people who need co-signers with qualified individuals who are willing to co-sign for a fee.
Does your company Provide Co-Signers for Student Loans, Cars or Property Purchases?

No, We only provide Co-Signers for Rental Properties.
Does your company have any applications for us to fill out?

No, there is no application to fill out for our service, you must only apply to the property directly.

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Our rates are very competitive. We pride ourselves on our ability to out perform our competitors while providing our clients with peace of mind that they are getting the most out of our services. The fee is a one time fee which is due AFTER you are approved with one of our co-signers. Our rates are as follows:

Rent Fee
$600 – $899 $750
$900 – $1549 $1000
$1550 – $1999 $1500
$2000 – $3200 $2000
$3200 – $3600 $2500

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Introducing the Guarantor Network

Our Guarantor Network consists of people with high credit scores who have agreed to co-sign for you! Regardless of where you live, we have a guarantor that will fit your unique situation.

Do you have excellent credit?

If you need extra money and have a score(650+) become a part of our Guarantor Network. We are very strict about who we allow to be a part of our network. After an extensive credit and background check you will receive a conditional approval. You can start earning in as little as a week of amounts from $500-$1000 per co-sign.

This program is only available to US residents.

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Matthew H. Long Beach, CA
I wanted to take moment and thank for helping me get into my new apartment. I was more than capable of affording the rent, but had some blemishes on my credit report that kept me from getting approved on my own. I reached out to and was approved within days. The customer service I received from was beyond my expectation from any co-signing company. They are easily to deal with and answer the phone every time I call. I strongly recommend if you are in need of a co-signer.

Kennestha J. Orlando, FL
I'm so happy and grateful for the services this company provides. Not everybody is able to have the perfect credit score to get the things they want. This company provides people who have that for you. (with a fee) It took only 2 days to get a Cosigner and get approved. I can't wait to move into our new place and I will definitely be using their services the next time I need to. Thank you!

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