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Apartment Co-signer Program
Here at Co-Signing.com our job is to be your personal guarantor and help you get approved! With our Apartment Co-signer Program, we require that you take the first steps by finding and applying for the apartment at the residential property you would like to move in to. Once the property has expressed that you will need a cosigner in order to become approved and you have the requirements, please contact our office at that time so that we can facilitate the next steps by contacting the property and letting them know about our services. At which time we will then begin to process the required documents with the property and get you on your way to a signing! Our fee is due in full at the time of signing, and a contractual agreement will be required between the two parties. The fee for the service varies dependent upon the price of the rent.

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Credit Improvement Program/
Second Start Program

Repairing your credit profile is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Co-Signing.com is here to help you achieve your optimal credit profile by making the credit repair process convenient, personal, and effective. Co-Signing.com's specialized credit repair processes, credit expertise, and guaranteed customer service make us the best in the industry. We are proud that we have had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of Americans correct their credit reports and we're ready to help you too. Our credit repair includes:

Credit Repair/Negative Item Deletion



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Rent / Fee
Rent $450 - $749 / $500
Rent $750 - $1450 / $750
Rent $1451 - $2000 / $1k
Rent $2k- $3k / $1500
$3k and above please contact us for prices
If you're tired of being turned down for credit these trade lines are for you!

What Are Tradelines?
When a borrower opens a line of credit, such as a credit card, car loan, or a home mortgage, these accounts are called trade lines. The number, history and status of these credit trade lines comprise a large part of a person's credit score. The higher a person's credit score, the greater the likelihood of obtaining credit and of qualifying for more favorable interest rates and terms.

Credit bureaus such as Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax look at the amount of open trade lines, the payment history on the accounts, how long the account has been open and how long since the last activity on an account to determine an individual's credit score. To build positive credit history a person generally should strive to have approximately 3-5 active trade lines that are "seasoned," meaning the accounts have been open for around 2 years, have positive payment history on all accounts and the accounts should be current and in good standing.

We sell and specialize in authorized user tradelines!! Tradelines can help:

• Poor credit history
• Lack of Credit History
• Recovering from a Bankruptcy
• Purchasing a new vehicle or home
• Refinancing
• High insurance rates

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